Talks At Google: “Brian Reagan”

“How to Make People Laugh” In this candid interview during his first visit to Google, Brian shares with us how he got started in comedy and his techniques for writing, practicing and delivering original comedic material on-stage. Brian has starred in two one-hour specials on comedy central, recently recorded his first Netflix special, and has […]

TED Talk: “JP Sears”

Saying YES! to your Weirdness Learn why people tend to reactively treat their weirdness as a dangerous liability. Perspectives will be shared on how weirdness is actually one’s greatest asset, serving as a bridge into one’s authenticity. How to take action on finding the courage to say YES! to weirdness will be presented so that […]

TED Talk: “Writer Dave Vance”

Want to spread your message? Use comedy. Marketer and comedian DAVE VANCE argues that comedy has a special power to spread messages by making them interesting, safe, and ripe for personal connection. Dave Vance is the lead ad writer behind Squatty Potty’s unicorn ad and Purple’s Goldilocks ad. He also markets for VidAngel, a fast-growing […]