Keith Stubbs Remembers Joan Rivers

Utah comedian Keith Stubbs, who is owner of Wiseguys Comedy Club, said he was saddened by news of Rivers’ passing. He says it was hard to believe since only a year and a half ago, he opened for her at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake.

“She was a bundle of energy,” Stubbs said.

Stubbs said he got a call out-of-the-blue from Rivers’ agent asking if he’d open for her Salt Lake show. As the date got closer, he grew more nervous.

“I thought she’s Joan Rivers and she can take a bite out of you if she wanted to,” he said.

Instead, Stubbs said Rivers was a consummate professional who wrote her own cue cards and led the rehearsal with Stubbs and a band at her show. While Stubbs was on stage, she was close by.

“About 15 feet away from me there was Joan Rivers while I was performing and she watched every second of my act,” he said.

Stubbs recalled after he finished, she pushed him back on stage several times to take another bow.

“It was one of the best moments of my comedy career,” he said. “She’s a legend. A fearless pioneer, great comic and from my perspective a nice, nice person.”

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